OMNITEKSAS is a Lithuanian company, one of the biggest jersey manufacturers in the Baltics region. We are a company with long traditions – OMNITEKSAS’s history begins in 1928. Through the years many historical milestones have past but we remain stable and reliable from the very beginning.

Our experience, peerless quality, innovations, dedicated employees, close relationship with the customers – reflects at best who we are and what we are about.


OMNITEKSAS mission is to develop, manufacture and provide high quality jersey garments according to customers’ needs with the lowest impact to the environment and rational consumption of natural resources. Read more about products we make and services we provide at OMNITEKSAS.


The main values we aim for and base our activities are:

  • Innovative Ideas to invent, improve and create best product solutions.
  • Dignity & Respect in external environment and working environment.
  • Trustworthy and Responsible partnership to fulfill our obligations.
  • Socially responsible with a positive view on human nature.


We aim to be known as trustworthy and innovative partner delivering on time in a consistent quality.

We strongly believe that our emphasis on a close and interactive services, our passion and knowledge of manufacturing and the latest technologies, combined with the expertise gained through years of experience, assures our success in delivering the best product possible at a competitive price.


Today we are the experts in jersey manufacturing, trading in the local retail network together with wholesale partners, exporting to many European countries.

  • Branded retail stores in all major cities of Lithuania
  • eShop
  • Wholesale in Lithuania
  • Export to other European countries
  • More than 300 skilled and motivated employees

We are waiting to hear from you! Feel free to contact us or visit us at any time.

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