Why work at OMNITEKSAS

OMNITEKSAS is not just another workplace. You will be surrounded by an extraordinary group of people who challenge each other every day to do their best work while learning from and connecting with professionals.

We have created an attractive workplace at OMNITEKSAS – satisfied employees, treated with respect and dignity, create better results for the customers and for themselves.

What do we offer

  • Interesting and meaningful work – opportunities to develop skills and make a career;
  • A workplace where friendly people convert their skills and passion into action;
  • Competitive and motivating salary you would expect from a solid company;
  • All social security benefits, good working conditions.

What do we expect from you

  • Ability and wish to contribute – to make a positive difference;
  • Creative and constructive thinking in your work, regardless of position;
  • Professional collaboration in a workplace of people with different views, perspectives and priorities;

Career / Recruitment

Please send us your CV to be included in reference database for future opportunities. We are waiting to hear from you!

If you are interested in employment opportunities at OMNITEKSAS, please search open positions (Online Recruitement Database).

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