Products we make

Innovations and technologies are the core of survival in the intense global market. Therefore OMNITEKSAS offers a wide range of stylish, functional and comfortable clothing for ladies, men and children. Our customers always receive a top class product at the best value.

Research and Development teams create and develop fabrics and models which are produced using wool, organic wool, bamboo, milk protein, polyester, polypropylene, linen, cotton, organic cotton, recycled cotton, viscose, acetate and other fibers.

OMNITEKSAS manufactures various blended quality knitted fabrics with a large variety of structures, weights, finishes and looks with special finishing such as antibacterial with silver ions, hydrophilic, UV protection and others.

Elegant Casual and Fashion Clothing for Women

Fashion clothing for exceptionally elegant looking women. Casual clothes for active, educated and elegant urban women that especially value quality and are also interested in fashion but stay loyal to classical style. Read more about fashion clothing, materials, fabrics and technologies.

Underwear & Nightwear from Natural Fabrics for a whole Family

Underwear and Nightwear collections consists of Natural Eco-Friendly clothing for whole family from milk protein, bamboo, flax, merino wool, organic cotton and various blended qualities of jersey.

Innovative fabrics and garments made from milk protein and milk protein blends with modal are very popular and are valued by our customers. Read more about natural clothing, materials, fabrics and technologies.

Functional Activity Lifestyle Clothing

OMNITEKSAS offers a wide variety of functional clothing for outdoor and indoor sports and leisure as well as work clothing with high level of functionality for all seasons. Maximum Comfort Sports Clothing and Leisure Underwear from polyester, merino wool, polypropylene. Read more about functional garments, materials, fabrics and technologies.

Durable Work Clothes

Work wear, corporate, military clothing, heavy woolen socks and accessories from polyester, merino wool, polypropylene. Read more about corporate and work apparel, materials, fabrics and technologies.

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