Maximum Comfort Activity Clothing

funkciniai-marskineliai-vyramsOMNITEKSAS is strong in producing heavy wool socks, work clothing and functional jersey garments for alpine skiing, road cycling, mountain biking, running, trekking, hiking, training, climbing, sports fishing, golfing and other sports. Our know–how, emerging technologies for high-tech fabrics and precise designs allow us to go hand in hand with new trends and have an advantage in functional clothing market. We specialize in First/Second layer of functional clothing. Sports and leisure underwear, military clothing, workwear, corporate clothing and heavy woolen socks are made from wool, merino wool, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and their blends with lycra.

Functional Clothing Layers

We recommend using 3 Layers model for wearing functional clothes: functional-clothing-layers

  1. First-Base-Layer is the most important. It transports moisture from skin to external layers so the body remains dry.
  2. Second-Mid-Layer is designed to be used on top of the base layer garment. The Second-Layer insulates the warmth and will continue the moist transportation from the base layer to the Third-Layer.
  3. Third-Layer transmits air, protects from wind and external dampness.


visi-0413329 Materials used in producing high quality maximum comfort activity clothing are exceptional for their functional qualities. Activity clothes are soft, thin and completely permeable to air. Functional apparel vaporizes moisture present on the skin to outer layers and cling to your body perfectly, so there is no movement constrains wearing garments. Most apparel we produce differ in their composition and functional qualities. The base functionality – moisture evaporation to outer layers:

  • Provides warmth when it’s cold… your body remains dry and warm.
  • Provides coolness when it’s hot… your body stays at optimal temperature, remains dry and retains the feeling of coolness.

Innovative Technologies

We employ innovative technologies producing functional clothing. Excellently adjusted qualities which help to retain your optimal body temperature: Thermocool ThermoliteCoolmax EFFICIENT MOISTURE EVAPORATION – the special technology of moisture regulation helps to evaporate sweat and keep your body warm and dry even during intensive exercise or work. Hydrophilic Hydrophobic COMFORT – these clothes are especially light and soft, they do not limit your movements or irritate your skin. Silver protection CARE – clothes can be washed in washing machines. If, during washing and drying, the recommendations indicated on the label are followed, the clothes retain their form and size. No softeners should be used during washing. omniteksas-comfort-activity-clothing-4868


While creating activity clothing OMNITEKSAS applies new technologies and materials used in textile. Materials that are being manufactured and developed have a close connection with the user’s need to feel comfortable while wearing them. Ruco bac Meryl ® Supplex ® Modal Lycra ® Merino wool Tencel ®

Dress in Layers!

funkciniai-apatiniaiTo sum up, in order to ensure the effectiveness of functional apparel, we recommend to dress in layers:

  • 1st layer: under clothes that transmit moisture to further layers.
  • 2nd layer: clothes that keep you warm and absorb moisture (jumpers).
  • 3rd layer: upper clothes that are permeable to air and secure from wind and external moisture (jackets).

Enjoy your favourite activites in maximum comfort!

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