Successful Partnership

OMNITEKSAS has more than 80 years of experience in jersey manufacturing and is known as a capable, proficient supplier, reliable and innovative partner delivering on time in a consistent quality. We are on the front edge with new technologies and production methods, developing and delivering the best product solutions for Brands such as CRAFT, SWIX, DIDRIKSONS, IVANHOE, NATALI SILHOUETTE, PURA and many more.

Innovation, Research, Creativity

We observe new technologies, innovate and generate new product features. We continuously employ innovation and develop a large range of new products for our customers. That’s the best way to encourage and inspire our customers with new product ideas.

We suggest alternative technical solutions, fabrics, accessories where possible to produce efficient alternatives. We can find and eliminate any potential mistakes in design, suggest new solutions, reduce the risk of mistakes in processes.

Vertical Structure & Integration

Vertical integration from fiber to ready-made garment provides OMNITEKSAS a unique possibility to achieve the highest quality at competitive prices and in the shortest possible terms.

We are utilizing our own knitting, dyeing, finishing and other necessary equipment for the production. We employ well organized staff: garment designers, technologists and other experienced professionals.

Intellingent Global Sourcing

We are able to source practically any raw materials needed for production. Close, long lasting relations with stable suppliers, sourcing only high quality fibers, fabrics and other supplements from all over the world ensures the best possible solutions for a superior end product. All chemical materials are sourced from European suppliers only.

All this provides new opportunities for the customer looking for the highest degree of flexibility and a wide range of sourcing possibilities.

Human Resources

The most valuable resource in today’s competitive market – human resource – our talented and dedicated team. More than 300 skilled and motivated employees work together to get the best outcome which keeps our company in the forefront of the industry. We periodically provide extensive training for our employees.

Machinery and Technology

We want to offer technically sophisticated solutions so OMNITEKSAS continuously invests in new technology, the latest developments of machinery required for the production.

New technology allows us to improve existing products, work methods, increase efficiency, reduce production costs, offer new visual designs and product functionality.

We are ready to meet future market demands to utilize the latest production methods. Our customer always has access to the latest technology, individually adapted machinery, therefore sufficient capacity.

Production & Storage Capacity

Capacity per month in Lithuania: 60.000kg of knitted fabric, 70.000kg of dyed- finished fabric, 250.000pcs of garments. Production & storage area 15.000m2. Capacity per month in Uzbekistan: 100.000pcs of garments.

The combination of well equipped modern production lines provides the possibility to match styling, flexibility, functionality, from small fill-in orders to repetitive bulk runs. In case of need production capacity can be increased by the use of subcontractors.

Location & Short Lead Times

High-quality jersey manufacturer OMNITEKSAS is located in Kaunas, second largest city of Lithuania.

Geographically well positioned and connected to major Europe cities, our location allows fast and reliable distribution of goods to our customers or sourcing materials from suppliers.

Why choose us as a Partner

We strongly believe that our emphasis on a close and interactive service, our passion and knowledge of manufacture, innovations and latest technology employed, combined with the expertise gained through years of experience, assures our success in delivering the best product possible.

  • Latest technology and expertise jersey manufacturing
  • High quality standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time deliveries
  • Vertical structure
  • Global sourcing
  • Short lead times
  • An excellent service

OMNITEKSAS – a creative partner providing the best technical solutions, materials and fabrics, product design ideas and functional details. Read more about products we make at OMNITEKSAS.

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