Manufacturing Jersey

OMNITEKSAS is one of a few vertically integrated jersey manufacturers in Lithuania. The rapid development of fabrics and knitting industry encourages us to expand our capabilities, to be the best and most innovative in the market employing high precision technologies.

Manufacturing process is a long, complex and intense system, but our know-how, time-tested manufacturing platform allows us to achieve the best results – production of over 3 million garments per year.

Product Life Cycle

Vertical structure allows us to offer our customers a wide range of in-house production capabilities:

  • Design, Research & Development
  • Knitting
  • Making of Lab dips
  • Dyeing
  • Finishing (calendaring, brushing, printing, singeing or raising)
  • Small essential testing
  • Construction and grading
  • Sample making
  • Cutting
  • Embroidering
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Direct printing
  • Sewing
  • Steam pressing
  • Barcode design and printing
  • Quality audit inspection
  • Finishing and packing
  • Warehousing

Knitting Fabrics

We have a huge knitting department with over 45 circular knitting machines: single jersey, double jersey and various jacquard circular knitting machines with different number of gauges. The capacity is 500-700 tonnes of knitted material per year.

Our advanced equipment, talented and experienced technicians allow us to suggest and develop high quality jersey fabrics for our clients.

Finishing Fabrics

OMNITEKSAS stands out from the competitors by using leading technologies for finishing. We have invested to the latest Bruckner machine for complete finishing lines of knitted fabrics. It allows us to make up to 900 tonnes of finished fabric per year. This new technology and machine allows us to apply Silver Plus, Aloe Vera, Hydrophobic, Hydrophilic, Antibacterial, Antistatic, Zirpro, Ruco Bac and other finishing.

Dyeing and finishing processes are those which require most accuracy and technical knowledge. Dyeing is the part of manufacturing chain. It imparts beauty and appearance to fabrics by applying various colours and their shades. Colours are applied to fabrics by various methods of dyeing: one bath, double bath, high and low temperature dying for different kind of fabrics.

OMNITEKSAS dying department has jet dyeing machines: ECOSOFT, MCS, SOFT-STREEM, MINI SOFT, ECO BLOCK X TYPE, TEXTIMA, STORK 6 colors printing machine, steamer, brushing, sharpening, slitting, cutting, raising, pressure dyer and other equipment.

Sourcing Materials

We recognize the increasing importance of technical and fashionable accessories as a way of differentiating the product from competitors. Therefore, we work closely together with leading suppliers of accessories in both Asia and Europe. Innovation abilities, quality level and delivery performance are key parameters for the selection of suppliers.

Our close, long-lasting relations with the leading high quality fabric mills in USA, Europe and Asia ensure the best possible foundation for a high quality end product. We strive to find the most innovative fabric mills within each product segment. At the same time, we settle quality requirements and delivery terms as an integrated part of the production process.

Many of our suppliers comply with strict environmental standards such as Ökotex and Bluesign. Most of them are certified with quality standards such as ISO9001/14001.

Machinery & Equipment

We believe in controlling the production processes which guarantees a stable, constant quality and an optimum control of the production resources. Therefore OMNITEKSAS owns production machinery and produces jersey and making garments with a wide range of equipment:

  • COMTENSE equipment for automatic patterns projecting.
  • KURIS cutting machines.
  • ETON garments transportation system.
  • OROX automatic cutting machinery.
  • Flatlock sewing machines SHING-LING, YAMATO, MEGASEW, MAUSER SPEZIAL.
  • One-needle sewing machines UNICORN, DURKOPP ADLER, SIRUBA, JUKI and other.
  • Small testing laboratory, sample dyeing machinery.
  • Dyeing, brushing, printing, calendaring, singeing and raising machines.

Quality Management

OMNITEKSAS Quality Control Process consists of 5 major stages and guarantees consistent quality:

  1. Incoming Quality Control – systematic, visual and functional inspection of raw materials, trims in accredited laboratories
  2. Production Quality Control – regular checking in production process
  3. Outgoing Quality control – 100% control of all finished goods
  4. Systematic Quality Audit inspection before shipment
  5. Testing of goods (fabrics or garments) at accredited laboratories (on customers request)

These significant stages ensure high quality control in every stage of the production process and helps to evade any problems from the beginning of production till the shipment. OMNITEKSAS is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and Ökotex certified.

In today’s competitive industry top quality management is a key factor! Read more about OMNITEKSAS Quality Standards, Sertificates, Awards and Labels.

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