Responsibility for a way of making the product is heavy nowadays - the volatility of the environmental balance requires special knowledge and steps in order to avoid catastrophies. The consumers are becoming aware of this too: Where does it come from? Wo made it? What is it made of? Where is it going to end?

Having in mind there are more and more those who are aware and who care, being amogst these people ourselves, we developed a sustainable line that is full of opportunities and choices. The result only depends on the function that the end-garment must have.

We can make a sustainable garment from both natural and synthetic sources. We can offer organic products - like organic merino wool or organic cotton. We can mix and match biodegradable polyamide, recycled polyester and polyamide with other yarns made in an eco-responsible way.

Our latest developments in this area are done with hemp yarn. This yarn by its nature requires less natural resources - like water - to grow and requires no chemical substances to speed up the harvesting process. Furthermore, our hemp yarn is harvested in Lithuania and spinned in EU, so we know the exact origins of the fiber.